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Real Heroes

These are the characters or people i really look up to (Besides The Dark Knight). Its so boring and not really human at all to be the perfect hero or the perfect good guy. Sometimes maybe, well more in film, you have to do extreme wrongs to do good and to be just in some ways. Sometimes maybe a head smashing to save the woman you love would do. But whatever you do, no matter how bad or how not so trust worthy they look, they will save you or be with you in the time of your need, maybe just not in the way you expect. By the way they may not want to talk that much at all or say nice things but they mean well. With all the fucked up situations they get into they more often or not leave empty handed continuing to roam around in their cool cars or a horse to look for the next people to save. For me they are the epitome of what a hero should be, real human beings and real heroes. 

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